LV 6th Grade Technology

By: Payton Schilz

Typing Web

* Every day we do 5 minutes of typing

*For 6th grade you need to do the Intermediate course

*Typing Web is a grade on Powerschool


* You need to make a trailer for something that happened in your life

*You have a choice of presenting

* It needs to be a iTrailer not an iMovie

Haiku Deck

* For the Haiku Deck you need to make a presentation on your dream job.

*The Haiku deck needs to be at least 10 slides

*It can also have 1 fact on each slide if you want

Explain Everything

*You choose a math problem from 10 math problem

*You need to record your voice

*Your presentation needs to show all the steps in the problem

Career Locker

* Mrs. Vandenboogard comes in and teaches this lesson

*The Career Locker is different from the one from last year

*You are able to choose your own career


*There is videos to teach about coding

* There are stages in the coding lesson

* A level 4 is stages 8 and 9 and a level 3 is stages 7 and 6