Drug Development

biotechnology use in drug development

How are drugs made?

Scientist make new drugs by using pre-existing drugs to help them. scientists combine different substances which creates the new drugs. for example there is a lot of substances that come from nature. Such as pacific yew tree, which helps treat some cancers.

Why do drugs cost so much?

The media has reported the cost of drugs being too high. Science of drugs is very hard to discover and its getting harder. drug marketers consider it harder than putting a man on the moon. that's why the drug companies higher the prices on drugs so they can user that money to research with better equipment so it wont be as hard.

The process of making drug

First you find what you want to cure

Then you test what substances you need

Once you find the substances you need to make it you test it

Then once its ready you take final tests

Lastly you send it to pharmacies

How are priscription drugs approved

You have to get the drugs approved by different people and different companies. And depending on the drug it can take weeks, months, or even years to get it approved. The process of getting drugs approved is a serious matter. getting drugs not approved nor prescribed is a federal crime.
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