Keene ISD Virtual Learning Academy

Virtual Learning Expectations and Information for Parents

Parent Welcome

The teachers and staff have collaborated after week one of virtual learning and compiled a list of resources to support you and your child. We hope this newsletter helps you navigate the digital landscape in which your child is currently learning. Our 3rd-12th grader learners are attending class "synchronously" which means that they are expected to follow their typical school schedule throughout the day. They will join most classes via Google Meet, and assignments will be delivered and managed through Google Classroom. Our PreK-2nd grade learners will attend "asynchronously" which means that they will receive assignments and instruction through the SeeSaw platform, but will not be expected to be "in class" at a certain time unless designed by the teacher.

Virtual Learning Troubleshooting Site

Click on the tab for helpful "tips and tricks" shared by our teachers after Week 1!

Virtual Learners Grab-And-Go Opportunity!

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Using Google Classroom from iPad
Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents
Seesaw Tutorial For Students
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Expectations for Virtual Learners

Virtual learning is a wonderful option being offered by Keene ISD, but it comes with high expectations and accountability for your virtual learning child. In order for your child to make the most of this learning experience, they need to be ACTiVE home learners. For 3rd-12th graders, this means attending ALL of their classes throughout the day. Attendance is taken every class period and attendance policies still apply to virtual learners. Campus administrators will contact parents if chronic absenteeism becomes an issue with your child. For our PreK-2nd graders, students must actively participate DAILY in the teacher's Seesaw classroom and scheduled live events. We ask that you make the daily school schedule and assignments a priority for your virtual learner. For virtual learning to work, we need a high level of parent support at home.

Click on the above title to read the conduct expected of your virtual learner. We also encourage you to review this document with your child as developmentally appropriate. Your child will be held accountable for all listed expectations.

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Technology Support

If you are having trouble with your connection, hardware, equipment, please email:

Please include: your contact information, student name, and campus in the body of the email.

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School Supplies Are Still Necessary!

Your virtual learner needs to be equipped with basic school supplies in order to complete the work being assigned. Though their work will be submitted digitally upon completion, many teachers will have them show evidence on paper first, then submit a camera shot of the work. Campus supply lists have been communicated on each campus, so utilize those as your checklist for home learning supplies.