No Teacher Left Behind!

Giving Teachers New Learning Opportunities

Exciting Learning Opportunities Offered

Whether you're a school district that has endless budget funds or less than average budget funds for teachers' professional development opportunities, here are some ways to incorporate professional development opportunities so your teachers are not left behind.

In-District: Make use of the savvy teachers you already employ! What better way to give teachers new learning opportunities than having teachers teach their peers skills they have acquired that would benefit other teachers. Some of these opportunities may include how to have students use close reading to comprehend text, using new technology such as Windows Movie Maker to create presentations, and more!

Out-of-District: There are plenty of professional development activities that are offered throughout the country. If funds are not an issue, send a number of teachers that would benefit most from the workshop. If funds are an issue, send one or two teachers and have them present the information they have learned in an Institute Day.

Special Presenters: Hire special presenters to come to your school to work with teachers, whether it's by department, such as Science, or as an entire school.

Guaranteed to Enrich Teachers' Teaching!