Monday Morning Message

Glen Burnie High School Social Studies Department, June 6

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The Last Week of Instruction!

Good Morning,

Well, we are all getting into review mode this week, if you haven't started already. Keep in mind all the great review ideas that were discussed at our last department meeting (included below).

Please remember to remain visible, vocal, and vigilant in the hallways. Many students seem to think that summer break has already started, so let's all do the best we can to keep them focused and on track!

Stay on top of any failing students, especially freshman. Utilize the E-free form I sent out previously.

It's the Final Countdown-WE CAN DO THIS!


To Ms. Platte and Ms. Angelo for sending AP students to the office to help with some end of the year organization and clean up!

Review Strategies

Here's a list of review strategies that were generated at last month's Dept Meeting:

Kahoot (Shout out to Brandi and Shelby for updating)

H.S.A. Review Parters

Pop Star/Politician- newly updated for Gov


Quick Quiz

4 x 4

Four Corner

Ball Toss

Stand on paper; answer Q's in the circle

Collaborative Group Review

Project Based Learning

White Board Remix

Review Competitions

Ms. Jones' Game Show


Dodecahedron Project

Large Matching Game (around the room)

Upcoming Dates

June 7: Faculty Meeting

June 10 – 17: 4 MP and S2 Exam data will be drawn from teacher’s gradebook at 7:30 & 2:30.

June-13-16: Final Exams Week

June 10 – 17: When you are finished w/ entering grades wait until 8 am or 3 pm to print your Grades Verification report from SMS. (Note: If an incorrect average appears check your Grades Setup for Sem 2. It should be set for Term Weighting (40-40-20)

June 17: Completion of underclassmen retention and service learning.

June 17: Last day to enter grades by end of day.

June 17: Last Day for Teachers

June 21: Report cards are printed at Central Office

Gopher Flex Schedule






Things to Know

1. Stay on top of communication with failing or in danger of failing students! Be sure to notify students and parents!

2. Please have Final Exams for 9th-11th graders turned in ASAP.

3. If you are interested in receiving stipend money for Summer Planning please speak to Ms. Berner or Mr. Nilsson.


WICOR Information
Ideas to increase the “student engagement” and WICOR focus within your classroom:

  1. 4 Corners b. Philosophical Chairs c. Socratic Seminars d. Minute Speeches e. Jigsaw reading with expert groups f. Collaborative study session

Thinking ahead about review activities for finals?

  1. Write down topics on index cards, give groups of 4-5 students one index card each, set a timer for two minutes and ask students to share all they know about the topic. Other group members can then add extra information not shared if time is still left.
  2. Write down a different question for each poster paper. Give each group a different color marker. Set the timer and have groups rotate to each question recording one or two facts.
  3. Create a group challenge where groups get points for answering the question correctly, Try using a SMARTboard activity like Jeopardy, or quizlet, Padlet or old fashion paper and pencil. Give a reward to the group who has the most points at the end of the activity.
  4. Have students write a question about a topic they need to review. In groups of 4-5, have students work collaboratively on the questions, filling out an exit ticket on what they learned after the activity.

    *Have students go back into their resources and highlight any information they need to study based on their review performance.

Closing out the year:

  1. Please return WICOR posters to the front office next week (I will pick them up from the counter) if you will be moving on from GBHS –good luck and best wishes
  2. Please do not throw away your WICOR posters or your AVID trained signs if you are returning in the fall
  3. As you modify your syllabi include and interesting fact (personal or not) about the college(s) you attended

AVID sections next year:

AVID 9- Cici Patel

AVID 10- Ryan McCamon

AVID 11/12- Jen Ballard