Grade One

Our Learning for the past few months.

Grade One: Room 130

I am excited to be working with your son or daughter this year as he/she learns, grows socially, emotionally and academically. When we work as a team, there is no issue that can not go unsolved. I believe that open communication is the key. You can contact me anytime through e-mail or leave a message in my voice mail at school. I prefer e-mail (see the end of the flyer) as I can answer you after school hours if needed. This web 2.o tool is called smore. In this smore you will find information about what we have been learning the past couple of months. This year we have a twitter account @Muir_MrsCraig. I will try to tweet out something every day that is happening in class.



We are learning to write sentences


We are learning to sort objects and to describe our sort.

We are learning how to make, extend and describe patterns using different attributes.

We are learning how to indentify and describe 2 dimensional shapes

Social Studies