Nov 20, 2013

Why plagiarism is the Right Way

Omar G.

Have you ever went through that moment where you tell your friend to share his homework or assignment whit you, because you tell him that you have another important project and there is just not enough time for the work. But it becomes a habit and your friend doesn't like the idea, but why not if you can help him on other assignment so it’s just “exchanging information”.

I know how much my friend Michael struggles in Calculus & Physics toward the point where he is making low C’s. Every day after class he will ask me to show him how to do the problems and most of the time I do but when I feel lazy I just give him the assignment. This is good because I know that he can learn it by himself, and we all have those struggles where you just don’t understand or don’t know what to do. At the other hand Michael helps me out whit my English essays because he is an A student in that subject. The reason is because there might be band, choir, guitar, football, soccer, kick boxing, or a job any type of club that is after school that take away time. Then you arrive home tired, hungry and then there’s homework, projects, assignments. It’s just too much! So I might as well just “reword this homework” to make it easier for me and not have a stressful life.

Everybody in this world has done some type of plagiarism and you do it because its easier or because you just don’t understand how to do it, or like in some case were the use of information is used to add to your knowledge but all you do is put in your own words or change the name of the author and declare that it’s your work…I ask myself why not do it as long as you see how or what he did to get such a good piece of knowledge because you might not be as good in that subject and it’s just wasting your time while there can be work done on something that you are gifted or interested in and people might ask how do you do it, and since that person helped you in those ruff moment there is no other option but to help or give some of the work. This is how it works and this is how it is because we are scared to fail on ourselves and other people.