Training Planification

Session scheme’s job


In the first test my result was seventeen laps and fifty metres.

I made a decision to improve my endurance's capacity, for this I had planificated a training and i set the goal that for the next test i will run a minimum of twenty laps.

In practise

To improve my endurance's capacity, i planned 21 training's session in which had three parts:

  1. Warm up. I had warmed up all my joints and every muscles from my foots to my neck.
  2. Main part. I had ran the minutes that i had to ran but increasing the volume and the intensity.
  3. Cool down. I had cooled down my bigger muscles' groups, from my foots to my neck.
  4. Stretch. I had stretched all my muscles during 20 seconds.

In short

When i did the test again my mark was nineteen laps and a half.

I didn't get my goal that i fixed at the beginning from my point of view but i ran more time and when i finished the test i didn't finish it very tired than in the first test.

I think that i can improve my endurance's capacity more, i will train more.

Moisés Sánchez Campillo

1ºA Bachillerato