Living Computer Museum

Our LAST Autumn 2013 IELP Activity!

We all use computers! What's the history behind YOURS?

Computers were not always as fast and high-tech as they are now. Step back in time to take a glance at how they have changed from their first days to the machine you are using now! Created by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, this unique and extensive collection will guide you through the evolution and constant growth of computers. Demonstrated through an entirely interesting, interactive and conversational way, we will learn all about the significant milestones of computer history and how people have come to use them.

Living Computer Museum

Sunday, Nov. 24th 2013 at 1:15pm

4060 George Washington Lane Northeast

Seattle, WA

Meet in front of Odegaard Undergraduate Library at 1:15 PM! Spaces are filling up very quickly for this activity, so please register now in order to ensure that you will have a spot! E-mail Trina at with your NAME, ID NUMBER, PHONE NUMBER, and how many guests you would lke to bring.