Heaven is for Real♥

By: Todd Burpo

Summary of the book~

This book is an amazing story of a little boy named Colton Burpo from Imperial, Nebraska who, at the age of 4, survived an emergency appendectomy surgery and, when he got through it, claimed to have made a trip to heaven and back. Colton told his parents that he had left his body during the surgery and could see what his parents were doing in other parts of the hospital while he was being operated on. He also told stories of people he met there and shared events that were told to him that had happened even before he was born. He gave very detailed descriptions about heaven that matched the Bible perfectly, even though he couldn't read yet. This is a very, very good book and I recommend it to everyone! :)

Fav. quote from the book~

Do you remember the hospital, Colton?" Sonja said. "Yes, mommy, I remember," he said. "That's where the angels sang to me."

A quote from a reviewer of the book~

"A beautifully written glimpse into heaven that will encourage those who doubt and thrill those who believe."

-Ron Hall, coauthor of Same Kind of Different As Me