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Books Due Week of 2/15

Hansmeier - Thur., 2/18

Manriquez - Fri., 2/19

Classes Scheduled This Week:

New Student NB Orientation - Wed., 2/17

LIBRARY CLOSED - FRIDAY 2/26 for Battle of the Books

Check the DATA Library Calendar on our library web site and use the Request Library Time form to reserve your spot.

The Library 411

California Young Readers Medal Voting

Each year students have the chance to vote on the California Young Readers Medal nominees. If you are interested in having your students participate, they need to read each of the books in a category, which are as follows:

Elementary Readers - 5 picture books

Middle/Junior High School - 3 chapter books

Picture books for older readers - 3 picture books (non-fiction)

There are other categories, but I have complete sets of these. If you are interested in having your classes participate in voting, let me know. It won't be feasible to have an entire class read each of the chapter books, but the picture books are short enough for read-aloud with some great writing and critical thinking extensions. I would even be happy to set up lessons tailored to your classes. Voting will be via Google form and must take place by March 18th. These books are beautiful and fun.

Gale Research in Context

If you haven't checked it out yet, our new Gale Research in Context database is a great resource for research in ALL subjects. It is full of vetted and curated sources that are easy to access. It allows students to login with their Google accounts, annotate, cite, and save articles (and other sources) and has primary sources, tip sheets and guidelines for student research. (Anything kids can do, you are able to do too.) Additionally, there is an educator resource section with guidance, activities, and standards.

School password: ven_log
Off campuss password: ven_rpa

***********It's Friday...Check It Out**********

Starting after winter break, we will be testing out "Checkout Fridays." You'll be welcome to send your students up any time during class to checkout books. You can send up to 5 students at a time (with a pass), no need to call ahead. If we will be out of the library or if we have an event in there, I'll send out an email.

(It's so great to have Kimberly in here full-time!)

Netbook News

Just in CASE You Didn't Know - Revisited

Students are never supposed to carry their computers around when they are not in the case. If you are sending students up for repair or to do work, please remind them to put their computers in their cases first. (This also keeps them from carrying them by the screen.)

Cases will also be super important on rainy days. We have plenty of plastic grocery bags in here if you have some students who are likely to walk around in the rain without heeding all of the "protect your netbook" warnings.

Lighthouse Readers

If you'd like to be entered in the drawing for reading the Lighthouse, email me with the phrase: "The Lighthouse brings light in the darkness."