Lewis & Clark Middle School

January 2021 - Special Edition

Message From The Principal

This Special Edition is to help the transition to welcoming back students into the building at a 100%. Please know that while we are welcoming back 100% of our students, we understand that some families may choose to continue to keep their children at home in the remote learning option and that is completely fine. Please do what you feel is best for your family.

Please know that while we encourage families to stick with the selected learning format to support consistency in the school structure, we understand that sometimes flexibility is needed for our families. Communication is critical at this time. Contact the school so we can best support your student and continue to keep a safe environment for all at Lewis & Clark.

January/February Calendar

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Students Learning Group - Remote/In-Person

Your child began the second semester in the same learning group that they were in at the end of the first semester. If your child ended the semester as a remote learner, they are still a remote learner. If they were attended school with either the A - K group or the L - Z group during the “Family 3/2 plan”, they are an in-person learner. The student’s group will remain the same when the district returns to “5 days in-person learning” on February 2nd unless you contact the school to make a change.

If you would like to change the current status of your child's learning group, please send an email to Karen Knoell, Lisa Tingelhoff, or Tyree Sejkora. We will be able to make sure that they are in the learning group that your family feels is the best choice for them to complete 2nd semester.

Questions Asked About the Return of Students at 100%

Here are a few questions that have been received about procedures that are set-up for the return at 100%. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have more.

Will kids still be spaced out as much as possible? - We are going to maximize physical distancing to the best of our ability. We are confident that with everyone wearing masks, we will be able to maintain the safety of our school, even when 6 feet is not possible. As a staff, we will be pre-teaching and reteaching and reminding students that masks are always mandatory. I have been very pleased with how serious our students and staff have taken this expectation!

Will kids be sitting right next to one another at lunch? - Students will be sitting every other seat and will all be facing the same direction. Our goal is to have students focus on eating while their masks are off. We will pre-teach to not having conversations while eating is in progress, but as soon as they are done, they are welcome to put their masks back on and visit with the students sitting next to them.

How will the passing periods work? - Will everyone be moving rooms at the same time? - Alternative: 8th grade and 6th grade students will transition first with a four-minute passing period. 7th grade students transition second. Students will move from one class to the next without delay. Teachers will be supervising the hallways to encourage students to move quickly to class and remain physically distanced. Lockers will not be used for the remainder of the school year.

If we were to choose the 100% remote option, would it be self-directed, or is it similar to the way things have been on the 3/2 model where she has teacher instruction? Would the student stay in the same classes? - It would be just as it currently is. Students would stay in his/her current schedule with the same teachers, of course, unless it was a semester class that changed to a new one.

If we opt to do 100% remote, is the student still able to participate in after school activities? - Yep! We would encourage all students to be involved in some sort of school activity as they will be a hybrid of both on-line and in person experiences. However, this does not apply to athletics. If a student is 100% remote, they are not eligible to participate in athletics.

2020-2021 OPS Calendar

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From the Health Office

Immunizations must be up to date to attend in-person learning. 7th graders must have Tdap shot, and a physical this year per State of Nebraska law. Records can be turned into the nurse by the student or parent upon return to school, or faxed to #531-299-2419.

Athletics - Blazer Ball Opportunities

Blazer Ball is being provided as an option to support skills and athletics during this time when organized competitions are not taking place. Students have the option to select from Girls Basketball or Open Activities (To be determined by the coaches.)

Blazer Ball will start next week on January 25th. This is only for in-person, 7th & 8th grade students to participate. Safety measures will be in place during these sessions.

Students are receiving more information about these two opportunities during Homebase. If you have any other questions, email Mr. Robertson, Athletics Director.

2nd Picture Day - Thursday, February 11th

Our 2nd Picture day is Thursday, February 11th. Scholastic will not be issuing hard copy order forms as they prefer to do as much online as possible. This document will be posted on the school web site and sent to students/parents at their request.

Homework Hub

This section allows parents and students to know what is taking place in classrooms. Please know that this section may be revised weekly so that all are aware of the lessons that are taking place each week.

You can also find the link to the Homework Hub on the Lewis & Clark Home Page.


Parent Portal

The parent portal gives families access to view their child's grades, attendance, missing work, and the opportunity to electronically pay for lunches. For more information on how to set up Parent Portal and to access your Activation Key, please click here and complete the form. Our Data Assistant Principal, Mrs. Tingelhoff, will get in contact with you to provide you this information.