Wildfire in Fort Mcmurray

Wildfire in Alberta

Very recently there has been a wildfire in Fort Mcmurray. The fire has probably been moving at about 5 kilometers per hour and has become impossible to manage. The entire population of Fort Mcmurray (80,000 people) had to evacuate. Currently, there have been no deaths or injuries directly relating to the fire except one girl who was killed in a car accident while trying to evacuate.

Fires are very unpredictable, they can travel at speeds of 23 kilometres per hour when whipped up by the wind as long as there's fuel. Climate change had lead to an increase of wildfires in the region.

Possible Solutions

People all over Alberta needs before we can stop the fire we need to make sure that everyone is safe. You can donate money to various foundations and you could save lives.

To stop the fire we need to know where it will go next. A fire needs three things to sustain itself, fuel, heat, and oxygen. To stop the fire you need to remove one of these. This can be done by creating a backfire which is a fire that burns the fuel ahead of the fire you're trying to fight so that it doesn't have any more fuel and it'll have nowhere to go.

You can also use suppressant foam, this acts as a barrier to keep unburned fuels from being lit up.

Another way to stop a fire is water. If nothing else works then the only thing we can do is wait for rain and hope that it happens soon.