By Rosie Bogoje


My animal's Diet is meat,plants,mice,small rabbits,birds,large insects,grasshoppers,and rodents.nuts and berries animal is a omnivores,animal's and smaller animal's and deer and sheep.

Life Cycle

My animal's Life cycle is pups to 3 weeks to 1 year old to adult 1 year old.

Scientific name

My animal's Scientific name is Canis latrans.


My animal's Height is 58-66 cm (Adult,at shoulder).

Type of animal

My animal is a Mammal.

Life span

My animal's Life span is Up to 14 years.


My animal's size is Head and body,32 to 37 in (80 to 94 cm) tail,16 in (41 cm).


My animal's predators are Humans,hunters,farmers,wolfs,bears,Mountain Lion.
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Coyote vs Dog
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