Wildcat Weekly

Week of February 1


We would like to welcome Ms. Wigenton to our campus. Ms. Wigenton is our new Pre-K teacher, please give her a Dorsey welcome.


  • Ms. Rangel for getting Dallas STARS tickets for our fourth graders who passed the reading ACP's.
  • Ms. Palacio and Ms. Sifuentes for testing our 5th grade LEP students.
  • Mr. Dickson for always encouraging students to do their best.
  • To all the teachers who are entering their weekly RTI interventions in school net.

100th day of School

Here are some 100 day ideas;

List 100 ways you can say 'I love you' to your dear ones...

Here are some ideas:

  • 1. What can you do in 100 seconds? Time yourself and let us know. e.g. How many times can you jump rope in 100 seconds?
  • 2. What 100 objects could you fit in a 5 oz. cup? 100 beans? peanuts?
  • 3. How tall is a stack of 100 pennies? 100 nickles? The coin of your choice?
  • 4. Make number sentences that equal 100. e.g. 5 X 20 = 100 (3 X 33) + 1 = 100 (300/6) X 2 = 100
  • 5. Where would a 100 step walk take your from your house? From your classroom? From your bedroom?
  • 6. Find some people whose ages total exactly 100. e.g. Mom is 32 Dad is 35 sister is 9 brother is 3 friend is 11 cousin is 10 --------------- total 100
  • 7. Toss a coin 100 times and graph the results... head and tails.
  • 8. List what $100 will buy. Get as close to $100 as you can. Include the tax if there is any.
  • 9. Create word problems where the answer is 100. e.g. Johnathan and Natalie walk 7 blocks to school every day and 7 blocks back home. They go to school 5 days of the week. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they walk home, eat a snack and then walk to the park to play. The park is 5 blocks from home. They walk home again in time for dinner. How many blocks do they walk each week?

Additional ideas:

Education World



STAAR Countdown

35 days

  • 4th graders take STAAR Writing (March 29)
  • 5th graders take the Reading and Math STAAR for S.S.I. purposes. (March 29 and 30)

Professional Development Opportunities

Below are just a few professional development opportunities. Please click here to go directly to the Professional Development Online Catalog for a complete list.

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STAAR Intervention Academies

Below are STAAR intervention academies for teachers. These academies will be held at Gilliam Collegiate Academy. If you are scheduled for Saturday School; however you would like to attend one of these sessions, please let me know ahead of time so we can continue with our Saturday school plan.
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Week at a glance:

This week announcements: 1A

Monday-February 1

Professional Development (3:15) Library

How to use Plickers (Ibarra)

Tuesday-February 2

Tutoring K-2 (3:15-4:00)

STAAR Tutoring 3-5 (3:15-4:30)

Wednesday-February 3


Thursday-February 4

STAAR Tutoring 3-5 (3:15-4:30)

Girls Basket Ball Game (4:30) @ John Ireland

Boys Basket Ball Game (5:30) @ John Ireland

Friday-February 5

100th Day of School

Saturday-February 6

STAAR Saturday School 8:45am - 12:15pm

Robotics Competition