C&CC February Newsletter

February 2022

Important Scholarship Deadlines are almost HERE!

OSAC Scholarship due March 1

Ford Family Foundation Scholarship due March 1

*See below for additional scholarships currently available to students.

Class of 2022 FAFSA Completion Rate

167 seniors have completed their FAFSA or 45% of the class. Do you need help completing yours?

FAFSA & More- Help Sessions from OSAC

Sign up for Upcoming Webinars and help with the Experts

FAFSA/ORSAA Line-by-Line
Walk through the FAFSA/ORSAA with us and bring your specific questions
February 8, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Finding Funds & Scholarships
Walk through Federal and State financial aid resources and OSAC's scholarship process
February 10, 2022
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Drop-in Help Sessions
Meet 1:1 to start, edit, submit your FAFSA/ORSAA, discuss questions on the OSAC scholarship application, CHAFEE, and other burning college questions you may have.
February 2, 2022
3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
February 16, 2022
3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Recent Webinars

  • OSAC Scholarship Application (11/2021) [Video]
  • Oregon Promise Grant (10/2021) [Video]
  • FAFSA/ORSAA Line-by-Line (10/2021) [Video]
  • FAFSA Plus+ Overview (5/2021) [Video]
  • FAFSA Plus+ User Training (10/2021) [Video]

You can find earlier webinars and helpful videos on the OSAC YouTube Channel.

US News & World Report-10 Financial Aid Tips for College Students

Read more here.

February College Spotlight #1-

Portland Community College

About PCC:Portland Community College has four comprehensive locations that are large, full-service facilities, offering university transfer courses, professional-technical career training, libraries, bookstores, and student services.




Rock Creek

PCC also has numerous smaller sites for specialized learning.

Visit PCC and connect with Admissions here.

Apply here

PCC Foundation Scholarship Due: Feb. 1 Value: $5000

Click above to go to application site

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PCC Future Connect Due: March 1 Value: $4000

Click above to go to application site

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February College Spotlight #2

Portland State University-Portland, OR

Number of Students: 28,000 Total. 14,000 undergraduates

Scholarship Information: Apply here

Admissions Contact: Jasmine Taylor jatay2@pdx.edu (503) 725-3490

Acceptance Rate: 95%

Graduation Rate: 49%

Popular Majors: Psychology, Liberal Arts and Humanities, Public Health

Admissions Application: here

Financial Aid Award letters are coming! Do you need help understanding yours?

What is your college offering you? Here is a helpful source to understand your financial award letter.

Don't forget that your colleges are now going to correspond with you through THEIR portal, not your personal email. Don't forget to check your college emails. There will be very important information found there. Come to the C&CC to get answers to your questions, too.

Upcoming Scholarships-Scholarship Season Has Started*

MHCC Foundation Scholarship (worth $5300): due March 31

Ford Family Foundation Scholarship: due March 1

OSAC Scholarship: due March 1

Jiffy Lube What Drives You due March 14 (for all grades)

ACPE Technology Studies Scholarship due Feb. 21

Greenfield Peace Essay due March 18

Grieg Lodge Scholarship for seniors of Nordic heritage due Feb. 17

Al Forthan Scholarship (addiction reflection) due Feb. 7

Oregon Community Foundation Scholarship due March 1

Louie Family Scholarship (Military family members) due March 15

Tateuchi Memorial Scholarship (students of Asian ancestry) due March 1

Jiffy Lube What Drives You Scholarship (for all ages) due March 14

KPNW Healthcare Careers Scholarship due March 1

Oregon Community Foundation Scholarships due March 1

*Seniors, don't forget to report any scholarships offered to you. We will list your accepted scholarships in your graduation program. We also keep a total of your other offers.

Email: neuenschwander@gresham.k12.or.us or stop by the C&CC to let us know.

Scholarship Myths.... read more here.

MHCC Foundation Scholarship Due: March 31 Value: $5300

Click above to go to the application site

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Oregon Goes to College Scholarship List & Helpful Information

See this great resource for scholarship opportunities and application information here.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

America’s largest regional interstate tuition savings program

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is an agreement among 16 member states and territories, through which 160+ participating public colleges and universities provide steep nonresident tuition savings for Western students.

Through WUE, eligible students can choose from hundreds of undergraduate programs outside their home state, and pay no more than 150 percent of that institution’s resident tuition rate.

WUE increases affordable higher-education choices for students, and minimizes the adverse impacts of student loan debt.

WUE Tuition Savings Finder, see which schools participate, their reduced tuition and any program limitations here

College Tours on Amazon Prime TV

The College Tour is a TV series brought to you by Emmy-nominated and multi-award-winning producers. The series tells the story of colleges and universities around the world.​
Each episode of The College Tour will focus on a single college or university.
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Engineers' Week Feb. 22-25


Engineers Week, or E-Week, is a national week-long event, celebrating how engineers make a difference in our world. Oregon’s E-Week focuses on bringing together high school students and local professionals to inspire the next generation of innovative engineers.


Students can experience a day as an Engineer in the Pacific Northwest through virtual field trips, panel discussions, and project presentations from experienced professionals from some of Oregon’s top engineering companies.


Sessions are available daily via an accessible virtual platform. Join us in the College & Career Center to access the event using your Chromebook and a pair of headphones. We will provide support, answer questions, and a snack, too! While students are participating, we will excuse them from class. Sign up for more info here.

Go here to see the list of virtual tours available during E-week. This list will be continually updated until E-week. Keep checking back for additions.

Students are encouraged to come to the College & Career Center during these virtual tours so they can access a computer. Many teachers will also be providing an opportunity to watch from their classes. Check with your teacher to see if that will occur in your class.

PDX In-Person Spring College Fair

When: Sunday, April 24

Where:University of Portland, Chiles Center

Open to all ages. Come by and meet with college admissions representatives from 100s of colleges around the USA.

No fee to enter.

Take a Student Interest and Future Careers Survey

ECMC brings you the chance to learn more about careers meant for YOU!

Learn more here.

NW Youth Career Expo

The annual Careers Expo is the Northwest’s premier career exploration experience. The career expo presents students with the region's amazing diversity of career opportunities, along with the skills and education needed for those jobs. The expo's goals are to connect employers to their future workforce and help students make informed, inspired decisions about their education after high school -- whether they choose a four-year university, community college, or apprenticeship training center.

Join us virtually on March 15th & 16th, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm by bringing your Chromebook to the College & Career Center along with a pair of headphones so you can listen to guest speakers and tour the booths. Students who would like to participate will be excused from classes they miss. We will provide support, information, and snacks! Sign-up here by March 1st to attend and get the link to participate.

Guest speakers agenda and exhibitors to be announced soon so you can plan your day.

Final ASVAB is Open to All Students

On February 11th at 11:30 am in the SBHS Library, we will hold an ASVAB Career Exploration Test. This unique opportunity allows students to take a private test that will help direct them to career options that are tailored to fit. The test blends their knowledge and interests. Sign up today while seats are available.

Military Can Now Visit During Lunches

You will notice that the Military Recruiters can now visit during lunch in the Main Commons. If you have questions, want to learn about career opportunities, or would like to participate in a challenge they may have set up (for swag or snacks), then come on over during your lunch. See the schedule for the year here.

YMCA Summer Camp is Looking for Leaders and Role Models!

Salem Family YMCA at Silver Falls is looking for; Camp Counselors (18+), Unit & Kitchen Aides (16+), Aquatics Director (18+), Outdoor Skills Director (18+), Assistant & Prep Cooks (18+).

Working at camp can cultivate:

  • Creativity
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Collaborative Skills
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Career Interests
  • New Hobbies
  • Diverse Work Experiences

For more information please visit- YMCA Camp or Email- Jeff at jdickmann@theyonline.org

Interested in a Career in Construction?

Check out our comprehensive resources for construction apprenticeships. Click on the link below for important information and tips that will help students to prepare for their future in construction. For more help please come in to see LindaLee.

Career Exploration- The Construction Trades- Movie

Career Flier for Electrician

Career Flier for HVAC

Career Flier for Carpenter

Career Flier for Plumber

College & Career Center

Contact us-

Patty Neuenschwander (college)- neuenschwander@gresham.k12.or.us. 503-258-4890

LindaLee Frazier (career)- frazier2@gresham.k12.or.us 503-258-4885