Katelyn Johns

My Personality

5 Strengths

1) I find the easy way with things

2) Im easy to get along with

3) Im a good listener

4) Enjoys watching people

5) Quiet, but witty

My color is blue


My personality type is calm, supportive and laid back. The blues like to chat, and form a personal connection with others before they get started on group work. If the blues scene rudeness or hostility from others they tend to clam up and stop talking.

My influence to the class

The character traits i bring to the class is that I'm quiet most of the time, so I wouldn't get in trouble by talking too much. I would influence my group in a good way because i am easy to get along with, I'm a good listener so there probably wouldn't be a lot of messing around. Lastly, I would make others successful by keeping them on task during work times and always help (if i know what to do).


Some of my careers would include: Managing, Family jobs, Art appreciation, and a Politician.

Hobbies would include: Singing, sports, terrorists plots, and spending time with friends.