Cougar "Prints"

Week of March 21

Almost There!

The week before a big break like this can at times feel crazy and disjointed. The students know it is coming, and sometimes things appear to unravel.

What is the best remedy to temper such occurrences? Solid, well planned instruction that keeps the students engaged!

Spring Break is near, and I hope you all have exciting plans. I told one grade level and I feel obligated to do the same for everyone else. You do have a bit of homework to do over break and I really need you to accomplish this and hate to do this to you...Check out! Unplug! Relax! Take the short trip you've put off for whatever reason! Reconnect with an old friend or family. Or, just do nothing at all and at times, that is doing a lot for yourself and your family! Do whatever you need to do recharge your battery for the big push before the close of school!


Another Shout-Out to Cathy Wilson and Megan Henry! The Guided Reading training went well! Thank you for your time and efforts to provide a purposeful training geared toward supporting our ability to develop a common language around literacy instruction.

Shout-out to Sarah Collins! She has been spearheading our April 28, 2016, El Dia de los Ninos - Children's Day Celebration! Please see you email for the volunteer sign-up list.

Shout-out to Kindergarten! We have made tremendous progress toward the new Kindergarten Parents Night! Thank you for all your hard work!

Shout-out to Sarah Collins & Lance Pfeifer & Lara Cabaniss! Kept plugging away and completed ACCESS testing. Sarah, thank you for your leadership. Lance and Lara, thank you for your flexibility working as proctors and troubleshooting technology issues!

Shout-out to Zetta Earnhardt! We registered 45+ kinders so far!

(If you would like to include a shout-out to someone each week, please let me know by Thursday of each week)

Retention Discussions, Letters, and Meetings

We begun this process in PLCs this week. Since it was a late start to this process, we will have to hit the ground running.

If you have any questions as a result of our meetings, please do not hesitate to ask.


March 18 - CCG Fun Night - NASA Camp Applications Due

March 24 - Early Release - 1pm Active Shooter Presentation - 2pm TIPS - Dr. Nattrass

March 25 - Optional Work Day

April 12 - Children's Day Steering Committee Meeting 3:30pm - Media Center

April 14 - Kindergarten Parent's Night 6-7pm

April 21 - Science and MakerFaire Night

April 28 - El Dia de los Ninos- Children's Day Time TBD-evening event hosted by CWES