Child's rights to education

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Cause The Taliban

The Taliban is the main reason there is no education it Pakistan. The Taliban is a powerful group that kills anyone that gets in there way, they bomb schools that girl goes to, thats because they do not belive in girl education, so they think that girls should not go to school, and since they are not allwoing girls to go to school one girl stood up, Malala Youzafigas.


Malala was a 14 year old girl when she was shot by the taliban. She was shot because she stood up to the Taliban about Girl education. She wanted girls to have eeducation, but the taliban did not. Imagine you are a girl. You education was taken away, what would you do?
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Effects: Working at home

Since school's are being shutdown by the Taliban girls are forced to stay home... and work. Girls can't go to school so they are stuck at home, and for some girls they arre slaves and since the Taliban is bombing there schools they are stuck at home all day working.

Effects Communnication

Since the Taliban is taking away girl education, kids grow up not evan knowing how to spell ther name. I would know I no someone who is 36 who does not evan know how to spell there name. Trust me. Kids can't communicate. Why don't you imagine this, you went to school lived in pakistan had a good life so far until, your school is bombed next thing you know, you are older and don't evan no how to spell your name. Kids around the world are going through this right now.

Organazations helping to fight for education

Campain for education is a organisim that goes around the world helping find education for kids.

Malala is teen activist, she stood up for education and did pay ythe shot. but she is still up fighting for education and she is a powerful inspiration to children around the world.

A website about Malala stand to the taliban and after she was shot.