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Navigating the Five C's TOGETHER

January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

2014 brings new opportunities for us to continue to challenge ourselves, to re-focus and to grow! The rest of this school year is going to FLY bye as fast as the first part did. Make it great!!!!

Welcome back to a new year...I am excited to continue this journey with you.

3rd Grade Hire

On Monday, January 6th a team and I will be interviewing 5 candidates for our open 3rd grade position. My goal is to offer the position to the BEST candidate by the end of that week so the person can start on January 20th. This will give the new teacher 4 days to shadow Nate before taking over the classroom for the remainder of the year.

As you know, it is crucial to find the right person who not only is an excellent teacher, but an excellent teammate and Bay Harbor Sailor! I will keep you posted on the progress.

Golden Apple Nominees

Congratulations to the following Bay Harbor staff who were nominated for the Golden Apple Award!

  • Gina Blahnik
  • Kara Bunkelman
  • Alison Hamacher
  • Joanna Korth
  • Missy Madigan
  • Lauren Olsen
  • Ann VanEgeren
  • Erin VanEnkevort
  • Sara Vanevenhoven

Running Record Information (**changes)

All students need to be formally assessed in the Winter unless they fit into the below categories (changes have been made to these requirements):

1st: O and up DO NOT need to be assessed **change from "All"

2nd: R and up Do Not need to be assessed **change from "All"

3rd: U and up Do Not need to be assessed **change from "O"

4th: X and up Do Not need to be assessed **change from "S"

Basically, F &P states that any students 2 grades above and beyond do not need to be assessed at the mid-point and ALL other students do. These assessments should continue to guide your instruction and inform you whether or not the work you are doing with that student is making a difference.

Data Day: January 13th will be your opportunity to get a majority of the assessments completed. All data needs to be entered into Inform by February 1st.

2014 Winter Olympics

We will be doing some FUN things at Bay Harbor to celebrate the excitement of the upcoming Winter Olympics. The kick off will be at the assembly on Monday, January 13th. I have a friend (Nick Baumgartner) who is 3 races away from solidifying a spot on the Olympic team as part of the Boarder-cross (snowboarding) team. I have been in contact with him and hoping to get him to send a message (or something) to our students! The Olympics are from February 6th-23rd. More information to come!!!!

Olympic Website

Nick Baumgartner Information

Olympic Committee- Help needed

Blake Bierowski has graciously volunteered to be a part of the Olympic Planning committee. I would like to have a couple more teachers to help with some planning of events for the month of February. If interested, please let me know.

Educator Effectiveness- Message from Ryan Welnetz

The next step in your Educator Effectiveness cycle is the Mid-Year SLO Review form. This form is meant as a way for you to reflect on your SLO goal and to make decisions about next steps based on what you know / have learned.

Paul Hermes, Associate Principal of Bay View Middle School, put together a really nice screencast that explains the Mid-Year SLO Review form to you. I highly recommend that you watch it…it takes about 4 min. 30 sec.:

Three notes:

1. The form currently states that it is due on January 15. We have CHANGED THE DUE DATE to February 15. Since many of your SLO goals were written to address improvements on assessments, we felt as though the due date needed to be extended to a time after the winter assessments were completed. Again, the new due date is February 15.

2. Your principal has to release the form to you. He/she will do that soon and will let you know when it is ready.

3. Remember that your SLO goal was written as a team or PLC goal. However, each of you is individually responsible for that SLO goal. For the mid-year review, you should consider reporting out on how your team has done with the goal AND how you have done individually within your classroom(s).

In addition....

Second Student Survey

The second and final student survey should be given around the week of Feb. 15th. Again, all of these dates and times will be reviewed again

PTO Family Movie Night

On Friday, January 10th from 6pm until 8pm there will be a Family Movie night hosted by the PTO. Our PTO is a tremendous asset to our school, so any support you can show for them is appreciated. It is amazing the positive ripple effects it has when staff show up for events outside of the school day.

The Ebeling's at Lambeau

Carly, Cash, Heather and I were recently lucky enough to get some free tickets to the "Snowy" Packer game. It was AWESOME!!!! Check out my 1 minute Video. Go Pack (I can say that now that Da Bears are out)!

Reminders from last newsletter

Jan Richardson Book Study

On January 9th, we will focus on Chapter 5- Transitional Guided Reading

We are progressing our way from early emergent to Fluent readers. I have been hearing great conversations as well as certain aspects of GR that you are using from this study. Awesome! The ultimate goal is that we continue to add knowledge and skills to our teaching repertoire.

College Student able to Tutor in January

Chelsea Cwiak is a sophomore at the UW Platteville. She is majoring in elementary ed and needs to complete 20 hours of tutoring: 10 hrs K-3, 10 hrs 4-6. She is a BP graduate and would like to do her work while she is home from college 12/20 - 1/20.

I volunteered our school for her services figuring we could find a plethora of opportunities for her to meet with kids, etc.

PLEASE contact me if you have some students you think she could work with during that time. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Assessment Day- January 13th

We will again do an All-School Assessment day. It will be held on January 13th. The schedule is being worked on currently, but you can plan that from 8:50-2:50 you can assess your students using the same procedures you did in the fall. More information will follow as it is finalized.

Message about LUNCH and process that day from the desk of Sally:

The date for the second all school “Data Day” is soon approaching (Monday, January 13th). With that comes a change in the lunch schedule/menu for the day. The school lunch for that day will be a bagged “Munch a Lunch”. In the take home envelopes today will be yellow lunch slips for parents to fill out to let the kitchen know what their child(ren) will be doing for lunch that day (purchasing a bagged school lunch, bringing a lunch/drink from home, or just purchasing a milk). When you receive these slips back from your parents, please keep all of them until Friday, January 3rd and then on that date you can turn these slips into Sheree Marto personally or into the “kitchen” mailbox. Please also give her a list of those students who did not turn in a slip. The office will call the parents of any student who didn’t turn one in and will fill out a slip for them.

More information will follow as to the lunch schedule and also the lunch time procedures for that day to make sure that all students purchasing a lunch or just a milk that day is accounted for.

Selected and Targeted Data

In one teacher's mailbox per grade level, there will be both Reading and Math selected and targeted lists as measured by RR, MAP, PALS, Easy CBM. Please be sure all students on this list are being closely monitored and intervened with as necessary. If you have any questions...Let's talk.

See Selected and Targeted Math and Reading score criteria.

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