Animal Farm Vocabulary


Who is Boxer?

Boxer is a simple minded draft horse from the allegorical novel named Animal Farm. Boxer is one of the most hard working, loyal, and strong animals at Animal Farm. He works hard to support the farm. At the end of the story when Boxer is injured, he is tricked to go to the horse slaughterer in a car and then dies. His two most important quotes are "Napoleon is always right," and, "I will work harder."

Russian Working Class

Boxer symbolizes the Russian working class in the Russian Revolution. The Russian working class was a poor class of peasants who worked hard to produce food and grain for Joseph Stalin and some had to work in the military for him. Like Boxer they worked hard to support the country. Although they worked hard they didn't receive fair income. Like Boxer they were eventually tricked by the Stalinists and communists and some were killed.

Why is it Important to know that this novel is an allegory?

Animal Farm is not really a fairy tale story. It is important it know that Animal Farm is an allegory because normally if you read this novel and didn't know it was an allegory you might get confused of what the purpose of the story is might be not very appealing. But if you knew that this story was an allegory you would be able to make lots of connections to real life and the novel's purpose would be more clear and less confusing. It is fascinating to know that events like in Animal Farm happened in real life.
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By Landon Johnson, Sampras Liu, and Andrew Sundean.