1A Classroom Update 2

Friday October 16, 2015

1A Classroom Update

Hello Wonderful Families and Happy October!

Our 1A friends are well into the first half of October! Many exciting things have been happening! We would like to thank those who made it to Back to School Night. We know work schedules are hectic and we appreciate the unconditional support from your end. Our amazing first graders continue to blossom with their learning skills and as well as developing strategies on how to solve "kid - sized" problems. We are very proud of their progress so far and we are excited to see whats to come! Here we have included some of the amazing things we have been accomplishing this October thus far.

Below we have provided a link to our Back to School Night Powerpoint Presentation just in case you missed it!



In Literacy, our fantastic readers have started shopping for books! Students have learned how to determine whether or not a book is "Just Right" for them (on their level). We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and made the comparison of how Goldilocks tried different porridge, chairs, and beds until she found what was Just Right for her. Students were taught to make the connection to picking books for themselves that felt right for them. If a book is too hard we consider that book an Uphill book and if the book is too easy and read very fast than that is considered a Downhill book. This month, we are also starting our first official Literacy Block where our friends will do Guided Reading and strengthen their reading skills. During this time, students will also be going through 3 rotations where they will work in Phonics Stations and have read aloud with Ms. Rosabal. In Readers Workshop, our 1A friends have been learning reading strategies that include: caring for books, rereading, and reading to a partner. In order for our 1A friends to expand their strategies have them practice some of these methods at home. For example, have your child determine whether a book is an "uphill book, downhill, or Just Right." You can also have your child read to you every night for at least 10 minutes by sitting in an EEKK position (Elbow to Elbow - Knee to Knee).

In Writers Workshop, our 1A authors learned that writers write to teach people what they know with words and pictures. This month, we have had lessons that emphasize "When You're Done...You've Just Begun." We use this term to highlight our writing where we can add more details to our picture and add words to our writing. Once this is completed they are able to start a new piece. 1A has also entered the world of editing by thinking about the word COPS. COPS represent Capital Letters, Organization, Punctuation, and Spelling! 1A uses this as a checklist to revise their work. Within the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing a new unit based on a small moment. Within this unit, students will be able to write a small moment story in which they focus in on one event and stretch it out by adding relevant details.


We couldn't be more proud of the progress our scholars have been making in math. We've been working hard towards our Math Olympics goal of reaching 1,000,000 problems by the end of the year. They've mastered the art of creating number bonds and are hard at work on number sentences! We've recently started to explore what it means to solve math problems where we already know the sum, but the change is unknown (3+?=7). Our 1A scholars have also recently started our Number Stories, problem's in which they decide which technique they will use to solve the problems, and then teach the rest of the class. Our mathematicians are off to such a great start!


- Please continue to send in shoe boxes and pictures of your child's favorite part of their home. These pictures can be emailed to us at dtes1a@brooklynprospect.org

- Please remember that our classrooms are nut-free due to the fact that some of our first grade friends have allergies.

Marching to the Beat of a New School Year!

Students in 1A started got into "the groove" of the new school year by exploring beats and rhythms! We watched marching bands and thought about what it takes to be part of a great music group! Using our rhythm sticks, we played along to songs we love and created our own rhythmic patters. We are looking forward to a fantastic year of making music together!
Big image
1A Rhythm


1A started this school year in full Spanish Immersion. ¡Sí! No inglés. Solo español.

Everyday in our class we use music to sing, dance and explore the Spanish Immersion. We learn how to greet, how to introduce ourselves and how to express our feelings in Spanish ¿Cómo te sientes? ¿Feliz, triste o enfermo? We explored some TPR (Total Physical Response) techniques and we are impressed to see how quickly they learn the language. Now we are exploring the world of shapes. Last Friday we made tacos with círculos, rectángulos, cuadrados y triángulos. ¡Yummy Taco Viernes!

¡We are going to learn MUCHO ESPAÑOL!

Here you can find our Spanish Hits! Keep practicing at home!


Our favorite song is Chu Chu á


Muchas Gracias,


Self-portrait in Spanish!

¡1A Canta en español!