Brain Dominance

Scarlett Massengale

Brain Hemispheres

Your brain has two hemispheres, the left hemisphere and right hemisphere. The hemispheres are said to operate completely different causing them to specialize some behaviors.

LEFT BRAIN: Responsible for logical things such as math, reading, and language.

RIGHT BRAIN: Responsible for creative activities that involve things such as imagination, rhythm, and feelings.


To see if I was more left or right brained I took a few quizzes. The first quiz I took said I was exactly 50% left brained and 50% right brained. I then took two more quizzes, both multiple choice quizzes. The first multiple choice said I was more right brained (10) than left brained (8). After that I took the other multiple choice which said I was more left brained (11) than right (8). Based on the quizzes I use both sides of my brain equally. I agree with this because I enjoy doing left brained things such as reading and doing math. However I also enjoy doing right brained things like playing my violin and drawing.
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