Help! I am Behind in Credits!

Please Review Steps You Can Take To Get Back on Track

Distance learning has been difficult for many students for a variety of reasons; some of you have found yourself struggling through coursework and failing classes at an increased rate since schools closed as a result of COVID-19.

As your counselor, we understand it has been difficult but we are here to arm you with information so you can make a plan to get back on track. The important thing is not to give up. You have support- all you have to do is ask for the help that you need and be consistent with your work habits.

If You are Reading This- You May be Credit Deficient

This means you are not on track to meet the 225 credits for graduation senior year. This applies to you IF you:

  • Start/Started 10th with 50 credits or below

  • Start/Started 11th with 120 credits or below


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Positive Steps You Can Take Now

  • Sign up for tutoring opportunities- it is never too late to start asking for help in subjects you struggle in.

  • Schedule retake classes during the day- please consult with your counselor about this option. Before a new semester begins, you have the ability to review your schedule with your counselor to make sure it includes retakes that you would like to complete during the school year.

  • Have a conversation with your teacher and/or schedule a parent/teacher conference to develop a plan to get you back on track.

  • Meet with your counselor to help you develop a plan so you know where you should be at the end of every semester leading up to graduation.

  • Possible Plato Credit Recovery- please review this option with your counselor before starting any Plato coursework.

  • Remember- a 60% or higher is considered passing and will give you the credit you need for graduation.

Additional Strategies

  • Attend your live google meet sessions every single day!!! Many of you have attendance issues and that impacts how you do in class! All of what you need to know (instructions, new and a review of old material, answers to questions, opportunities to get help- is all covered in the live google meets). Set reminders on your phone if you know you need help to log in to class on time.

  • Talk to your teachers- Will they allow you to turn in late work for full or partial credit? You can send an email, stay on the live google meet and speak with your teacher after he/she has dismissed class or schedule an appointment with them during their office hours or on Friday.

  • Use Infinite Campus, Canvas, and Google Classroom to help keep track of your grade, assignments, etc.

  • Use alternative supports to be successful in your classes; Khan Academy, Google, Homework Helpline, PhotoMath, etc.

  • Find a study partner or study group to help you or ask your parent/guardian if they can afford an outside tutor to help you.

More Links for Additional Support

If you are struggling with staying focused, please click on our Motivational Newsletter here:

For social and/or emotional support during Distance Learning- please click here:

What Happens if I Still Continue to Fail Classes I Need for Graduation?

  1. No summer school this year :(

  2. Perris Lake High School transfer at the beginning of the school year for the 21-22 school year (if you are 16 or a junior). There is a limited number of spaces and they will not take all students who need it. Perris Lake High School is a continuation high school with a credit recovery program for students who are credit deficient.

  3. Loads of credit recovery senior year including a zero period and/or community service hours. If you have difficulty with passing 7 classes- can you imagine what that would look like if you had 8 or more classes a semester?

  4. Possible non-grad status!!!! That means you don't graduate and you will need to develop a plan with your counselor to determine the best pathway to earning a diploma.


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We are Here to Help You

Communicate with your counselor if there is something going on at home or if you need specific help. We want to help you be successful!

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