Preschool House Newsletter

September 2015


Well, we made it through the first week with a ton of smiles, just a few tears, and the only catastrophe is the giant red stain on my living room I'm going to call the week a success. Over the years I've discovered that each class has a unique personality, and it's been fun becoming acquainted with each one.

This month we'll be working mostly on our classroom routines and slowly introducing the preschoolers to different tools and materials we'll be using this year. Names, writing and recognition, are also a major focus for the next four weeks- so if there is one thing you could do at home to reinforce what we do at preschool it would be sitting down once and awhile and working with your preschooler to write their name. Helping them hold the writing utensil properly and making sure they use upper AND lowercase letters (not just all upper) is more important than what it looks like when they're finished. Also, don't push it. If they are happy and engaged it's a positive and exciting experience for them. The second they seem bored and disinterested let them move on to something else. We've got lots of time to work on this.


Everyone is doing great with this one, so thank you! Here's a few tips to make it a little bit easier on those crowded days...

  • Don't pull in front of my neighbors driveway- not even if you're in your car, even for a second. They watch and get mad. So, we'll just avoid doing it. (It's not a tip, but lets just get this one out of the way ;)
  • If you are the first parent to pull up in front of my house pull up as far as you can so that other parents can line up behind you and we can maximize the prime space.
  • Don't be afraid to block my driveway. Block away!
  • There's a ton of room across the street- it's not a primo parking spot- but I have no problem walking your kid over to you, so if you don't mind, try pulling up over there
  • Be late. Really! The kids don't care, I don't care, and showing up a few minutes later than everyone will help clear up the pick up congestion.
  • Keep everyone safe by not turning around in front of the house. My neighborhood is just a giant "U" so just follow it back out to Overland.

Thanks for your help in making pick up and drop off easy for everyone (and my neighbors happy with me)

Book Orders

Have you placed a book order yet?? If you haven't, you're missing out! There are a ton of great deals, some really amazing books, and book order books are way way less expensive than you can get from even Amazon (trust me. I know this for sure). Ordering is easy. Go HERE and enter our class code N83J3. You can pay online and the books get delivered to school. Friday, September 11th is the last day to order.

Boise Urban Garden School Field Trip

Friday, Sep. 25th, 10-11am

2995 North Five Mile Road

Boise, ID

Our first field trip of the year will be to B.U.G.S, and I'm way excited. Meet us there (2995 N. Five Mile) at 10am. They have some fun garden activities planned for us to do. Remember with field trips, you are responsible for transporting and hanging out with your preschooler. Since it is a combined field trip with both classes, there isn't any preschool on the Thursday before. See you there!

Heres A Few Pictures From Our First Week...

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