the potatoe festival

We have somany potatoes and we will try to give you what you

The potatoe festival will have the president,farmer,food,en

the potatoe festival is a place lot of potatoe and more food more food fun there is funnel cakes and have fun!

come to the patatoe festival. the festival will be can come and watch entertament after the opening ceremony or anytime of the can get some food sit down and listen to some music and watch some magic tricks.

they bring delicious potatoes from there farms so that we can have more potatoes at the
potatoes festivals.

Craft's are a fun filled way for getting together. Their are going to be a lot of locale wood workers. Their are also a lot of crafts such as carved water falls,bird houses,and light houses


welcome to the potato festival it will be fun for your kids there will be games food and drinks there will be tables to eat and bathrooms there will be baby changing tables and 4 bathrooms

Public safety is very important so that is exactly why we made sure to have it. this will include: police, firemen, medical care and sunblock.