Should Junk Food be Taxed?

By: Jhoselin Arias

My opinion

I think there is no need for the tax on junk food and I will tell you why.

Its an addiction

Junk food is known to be an addiction. Obese people will not mind about the tax raise because they feel like they need the junk food. This can be compared to smokers or alcoholics. Cigarettes and alcohol are not at low prices, but people don't think twice about buying either of these items so why should they second guess buying junk food?

Will tax on junk food really help us?

I think that tax would not help us. Junk food can be really addicting to certain people. No matter how high the taxes on the junk food are people are still going to buy. Many people go to junk food as comfort food, they will do anything to be able to open and enjoy their favorite candy, chips, drink, etc.

More about the tax

This tax will be put on fattening food, beverages, etc. This tax is meant to discourage unhealthy diets and aims to decrease the consumption of foods that might cause obesity. The tax will vary on how much consumption of junk food is taken, percentage wise.

Is it a lie?

Many people say this tax is just to get the government more money. Is it a lie or does the government really care? People are outraged about the government having a say on what the public wants to eat. Everyone should have a choice on what type of food they could eat. Either way people aren't big fans of taxes so why raise them on junk food?

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