In Need of Samurai サムライ

Want to make some extra money?

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Scared Daimyo looking for young Samurai to protect area

Are you a Samurai? Good! Are you a Samurai that follows Bushido? Yes? Good, because we need you! We are hiring Samurai that are willing to protect land in exchange for a place to live and also materials and food, anything that you need.
If you come and be a samurai for me, I will be your master. I am very fair and respectful, just as long as you pertain to the values that a samurai should. As long as you work hard to protect from other greedy daimyos and treat me with respect, I will be the nicest man you have ever met! Loyalty and honor goes a long way on the rice fields!

ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI! (If you come protect us)

All You Can Eat Sushi

Thursday, April 29th 1582 at 6:30pm

The Rice Fields

Come eat all the sushi you can!

What is that you ask, samurai? Oh, the farm!