Ariana's 16th Birthday Party

Help me celebrate her awesome birthday!

Her birthday is on the way1

I need help setting up the most awesome birthday party Ariana has ever had!!

Ariana's 16th Birthday Party

Thursday, April 21st, 6-8pm

1024 Main Street

Union Grove, WI


5:50pm- guests should be at the location given.

6:00pm- Ariana will arrive, not knowing about the party.

6:05pm-7:00pm- we will eat cake and open presents(if you brought one; you didn't have too).

7:05pm-7:45pm- we will play a few games.

7:50pm- guests may say their goodbyes and happy birthdays and then they may leave if they desire.

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This is a picture of what her dream birthday party would look like. Lets make her dream come true and have a great time doing it!