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By Helio Nathanial, Akshar Sharma, Jake Malis

Why Akenhaten changed his name.

Since the new support of monotheism by Akhenaten, he has changed his name to represent that he is a servant of one god, Aten. Many citizens are shocked. Why would a pharaoh be a servant? Does he really mean it?

Monotheistic?!?!?!? Why you should or shouldn't support monotheism.

Our new pharaoh, Akhenaten, wants to convert Egypt to monotheism. But do we, the people really want to change our religion? Do we really want to support this? What about polytheism? Why convert now? Do you support monotheism.


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Why Akenhaten looks like a woman.

Akhenaten looks like a woman because when he was born he had a disease than made him have more estrogen than most men so he looked more feminine than other men. The disease didn’t really affect his health but it made him very different.

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Destruction of temples dedicated to other gods and non-monotheistic believers.

Ever since our pharaoh, Akhenaten, has changed his name and converted Egypt to monotheism. He has sent out words to have temples dedicated to gods other than Aten. We must stop him before...

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Rumored assanation of Akhenaten.

Many priests were unhappy with this decision. Many rumors have spread around Egypt about an assassination plot. Thutmose II died unexpectedly (assassinated) We must apply those skills to get rid of the Pharaoh that changed Egypt. According to the plan of assassination, Tutankhamun will take the throne. From there, we can persuade him to do anything we want.

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New children's game!

This new child’s game is called hide and go seek. Some children will hide and another will seek for them. I don’t understand how children like this game but, they do.
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Kingdom protection.

At the time, our army is quite good. We have been defeated, although, we were revived under the command of Ahmose. So far, Akhenaten hasn’t shown any form of leadership. Is he a good pharaoh? What do you think.

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Be on a look out.

Slave accused of running away from kingdom.

Slave Accused of running away, but he claims he was just going shopping in the farmer’s market. He is being charged 5 gold pieces. He is unable as of now to pay for his charge. We will continue to update you on this case.

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