Monthly PWR Elementary Update

Encouraging PoWeRful Conversations Continue at Home

Parents are the biggest influence on their child's educational and career decisions

As we head into winter break we want to continue supporting our students and their families with having meaningful and PoWeRful conversations.

Below you will find conversation starters and activities we hope you will encourage your families to try.

Please take any of the content in any of our S'Mores and use it on your websites, newsletters, share with your whole staff or turn into fliers to send home with students. If you want support in taking this information and turning it into something you can share with your families and staff reach out to your PWR partner.

Suggested Ways to Encourage Parent Participation in PoWeRful Conversations

Here are some talking points and suggested activities that parents can use to guide conversations.

  • Talking to your child about the jobs you have had
  • Encouraging them to read about or research people with unusual occupations that may spark their interest. Also encourage your child to look for people who have had unusual career changes
  • Taking your child to work so that they get a feel for what work is like. Your child can also use this as an opportunity to talk to your colleagues about what they do and how they got to the position they now have, including what schooling, university and other learning they’ve done
  • Allowing your child to explore career ideas with other adults they know and whose opinions they value and trust, like their teacher or sports coach
  • Helping your child conduct internet searches on occupations or jobs that may interest them, exploring what is involved and what training or educational requirements may be required.

Activities Parents and Students Can Explore at Home

Websites: offers students career exploration and future planning through games activities for parents to engage their students in conversations about their future allows students to do indepth career exploration geared toward students k-5

How Parents Can Support at Home

Children may change their minds about what they want to do many times over the next few years. Interests and abilities change as we mature. The more knowledge your student has about possible career choices, the way they might fit with their interests and the opportunities they offer, the more flexible and satisfying a future they will likely make for themselves.

What parents can do:

  • Help your students develop an interest in reading and by reading aloud to him or her.
  • Check your child’s homework and follow his or her progress in school by looking at report cards and attending teacher conferences.
  • Start saving for your child’s college education. Learn about the tax advantages of state college savings plans and prepaid tuition plans at