How They Croaked

By Georgia Bragg

This book describes how numerous people of importance died in the past

How they croaked is a nonfiction book which explains in detail how famous people like kings and queens died in the past. For example some of the people it mentions are Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, King Tut, and Charles darwin. It also tells when, where, and how old the were when they died. There were almost no medicines therefore most of them died from disease, but some were also murdered, kidnapped, or just died from old age. The book also explains the history of what they died from and also a list of other people that died of what they from. At the end of each chapter it tells some interesting facts about the person.
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Cause and Effect

The cause the causes of death the effect was the death of the different people. The other causes were that some were kidnapped, or murdered but the end result was the person of that specific chapter dying.