Archives War:

Attack On Texas

1842, Archives War

A Mexican force under the control of General Rafael Vasquez has began to launch a heavy raid assault in Texas. 700 Mexican soldiers attacks was in San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria.

Documents, Archives

Fearing that the force will come back to attack Austin, President was in charge of ordering the documents to be withdrawn from the capital. Angelina Eberly and the other Austins was afraid that it might be moved back to Houston. People then shot the officials who were carrying the documents onto the wagon.

Another attack was launch by General Andrian Woll and his 1,400 soldiers captured San Antonio. Here was one of the terrible things that happened to the Texan that was told by Samuel Maverick," We were aroused... by the firing of the... Cannon... succeeded [Followed] immediately by a tramp of a body of men. A dense fog obscured them from actual observation until they had advance into the public square... When the fog disappeared discovering to us that we were surrounded on all sides by the bodies of regular troops."

After the capture happened, hundreds of Texas militia and Texas Rangers made their way to San Antonio. They attacked the Mexican troops causing the Woll's force to retreat. Overall back then, the security was a fail.