Romeo and Juliet Act IV Scene III

Julio Quintanilla

Summary of Act 4 Scene 3

The Nurse and Lady Capulet are with Juliet in her room, Juliet asks both of them to leave her room. Juliet goes to her bed with the potion in her hand that Friar Lawrence gave her. Juliet fears that the potion might not work and will end up marrying Paris. She fears that the potion that the Friar gave her is poison and will actually kill her. Juliet also fears that if she does drink the potion she'll awake in an old ancient building with her dead ancestors in them. She grabbed a dagger and kept it next to her bed in case the potion doesn't work to fake her death, Juliet then drinks the potion.

Reason for Juliet drinking the potion.

Juliet drinks the potion so she can fake her own death; in order to not marry Paris and, be with Romeo.

Characters of Act 4 Scene 3

Explanation for song

The reason I chose this song is because Juliet drinks a potion but has three concerns about it. that it won't work, it might actually kill her, and that she'll wake up next to dead bodies by herself. This song shows how desperate Juliet wants to be with Romeo, how much she wants the plan to work when she drinks the potion, and shows how much she doesn't want to be alone.
When I Wake Up - Original (Marian Escio)