Lincoln Log 2019-20

November 22, 2019

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720 S. 6th Avenue

Phone 715-261-0965

Fax 715-261-2690

Principal: Colleen Whooley Jepson

Administrative Assistant: Julee Pelot

Important Phone Numbers

Attendance 715-261-0965

First Student Bus 715-842-2268

If you desire a paper copy of this newsletter, please contact the school office.

Lincoln Elementary Staff and Students are So Very Thankful...

Question of the Month

As a Title school, we are working to get more feedback from families. In October, families should have received a school messenger with a survey question. “What is your family’s preferred method of communication between school and home?”

Lincoln had 16 responses. Of those 16 responses, 11 indicated that DOJO was one of the preferred; 9 indicated that email would be a preference as well; with 3 indicating paper preference.

Our November Question of the Month will be sent out via school messenger and paper and will ask about the effect of the routines of the school. We hope that you will take the time to respond so that we can continue to build our relationships together.

Important Date!!

Mark your calendar for the Winter Concert! The concert will be held at Wausau West High School on December 16 at 6:30 pm! Please join us for an enjoyable evening!

How Did Lincoln Overall Do With Attendance During the First Quarter?

K- 96%

1st - 96%

2nd - 97%

3rd - 97%

4th - 96%

5th - 93%

Congratulations to our second and third grade students for their great attendance!

2nd and 3rd Grade Students

Did you know....

Did you know...

"...not only does a student who is consistently arriving late to school establish bad punctuality habits, their tardiness also disrupts the learning of other students in their class..."

"...Arriving late to school can also mean that students miss out on activities designed to build connections with their peers, potentially impacting their social interactions and creating a greater sense of alienation from their classmates."

(Taken from "The Effect of Student Tardiness on Learning" Teacher)


Nov. 27....No classes

Nov. 28-29...Thanksgiving Break - No classes

Dec. 16.....Winter Concert - Wausau West High School-6:30 pm

Dec. 19.....PTO meeting - 5:30 pm

Cold weather is here!!

Please remember to send your child with the proper clothing. Students go outside for recess every day unless it is raining or the temperature is below zero. Thanks for your help!!

Highly Qualified Paraprofessionals at Lincoln!

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires that the State educational agency will ensure that all paraprofessionals working in a Title I Schoolwide building or Title I Targeted Assistance program meet applicable State certification requirements. All paraprofessionals in Title I funded programs need to meet the following criteria prior to employment or placement in a Title I Schoolwide building or Title I Targeted Assistance program

These standards include:

  • Have obtained an associate (or higher) degree, or

  • Have at least two years of post-secondary education that is equivalent to at least 48 semester hours from an accredited higher education institution, or

  • Have met a rigorous standard of quality and be able to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing, and mathematics (or, as appropriate, reading readiness, and mathematics readiness) by taking and passing one of the Wausau School District required assessments.

Physical Education News from Mrs. Mick Beversdorf

I will update this link every month so please check back often to see what is happening in PE class.

G2M Growing Great Minds --- Lincoln's before and after school program.

Lincoln School will continue to offer an academic program before and after school. The Early Risers program will meet each morning all days school is in session beginning October 9, 2019 running through May 15, 2020. The after school program will run with the same dates offering four separate sessions. We will meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. There is a two week break between each session; no interim classes (classes between sessions) this year.

Session 1 = October 9-November 15

Session 2 = December 9- January 24

Session 3 = February 10- March 20

Session 4 = April 6- May 15

Parent Teacher Organization

Lincoln's PTO would like to invite you to join their facebook page at If you have any questions or thoughts for the PTO, they can also be reached at PTO is a very friendly group whose mission is to support student academics and social skills.

School Hours

8:00 am Breakfast begins (students should go to the drop-off area in the back to enter the school)

8:15 am Recess Supervision begins

8:30 am School Begins

8:35 am Tardy Bell (Any student not in their seat by 8:35 am is considered tardy. This year Lincoln is really focused on increasing attendance and reducing tardiness.)

3:30 pm Dismissal (students are excused out the back unless they are bus riders)

*Students should not arrive before 8:15 am if they are not eating breakfast, please. Recess supervision begins at 8:15 am.

School Attendance: Please call the office by 9:00 am if your child will be absent. Call anytime to leave a voicemail. Absences will be marked unexcused if no phone call/parent note is received by the office.

Please provide a doctor/dental slip for student appointments to be recorded as an excused medical absence.


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News from the School Nurse

The holidays usually coincide with a lice outbreak in many Wisconsin communities. This is because families may exchange more than just presents over the holidays. Close contact with family members makes for an easy way to exchange lice.

Lice don’t jump, so the problem is not that lice jump from the hair onto coats or hats, and then jump back to the next wearer’s head. What lice can do, however, is crawl from head to head during a close hug or while taking a selfie. It takes just 30 seconds of head to head contact for a louse to move from one head to another. (Think about kids huddled around a new toy, tablet or cell phone)

Lice can’t survive without two things: 1) warmth from the human body, and 2) human blood to feed on.

So what can you do to prevent a case of winter lice? Here are a few recommendations.

• Tell your kids not to wear other people’s hats or hair accessories.

• Check your kids’ heads for lice once a week. Incorporate this into nighttime rituals like bath time or book time. Look for brown or gray eggs (about the size of a sesame seed) glued to the hair shaft, approximately 1/8” to 1/4” from the scalp.

• Use lice prevention products containing peppermint, tea tree, or rosemary. There are numerous products available, including shampoos, conditioners, and sprays. Lice prevention products attack a louse’s “olfactory” nerves. In other words, lice can’t stand the smell. The products will smell pleasant to you and your child, but not to lice. Since lice move to new hosts primarily through head-to-head contact, they will avoid a head that smells of peppermint, rosemary, or tea tree.

• Talk to your friends. Silence about head lice is one of this critter’s best friends. People don’t like to talk about lice because they mistakenly believe lice are a result of poor hygiene. Don’t let that stop you. Tell your friends what you’re doing to prevent lice infestations, and encourage them to do the same. Anyone who has dealt with lice in the past will appreciate it!

• Go to for a really great video on how to check for head lice.

If your kids do get lice, keep calm. There are a variety of treatment options. Over the counter treatments are relatively inexpensive. They require a second treatment and we recommend daily nit combing. There are also services provided in our area, like Lice Clinics of America who guarantee their treatment.

Please contact your child’s school nurse for any questions.