Oracles, Delphi, and Prophesies

By: A. Trento

What is a Oracle?

A oracle is a prophecy. The word oracle in Greek can mean several related things. It means a god who predicts the the future, like apollo. It also means a priest who hears the message. the Greek oracles had a couple of advantages also. First you didn't just come and ask your question you had to sit around the temple talking to the priest so they get to know you.

Why did the Greeks do this?

The Greeks believed that you could communicate with the gods at certain place at certain times through certain people.

Who was Apollo?

Apollo had a temple a Delphi which was a famous Oracle. When Apollo came to Delphi there was a great snake living there. It was a sort of dragon. Apollo killed the snake and thats how Delphi became his temple. Delphi was a town on the slopes on Mont Parnassus in Greece.