Founder of Rome

Romulus & Remus

Born~ 27/28th of march 771 B.C
father~ mars or Hercules
mother ~ Rhea Silvia daughter of Numitor king of Alba longa.

founded rome 753 B.C To 715 B.C

Because Remus did not agree to found Rome where Romulus wanted he killed him and founded Rome.
Then he created its first legion and senate.

romulus was the first king of rome

The city of Rome

-the first citizens of Rome were a sherd of shepherds and criminals seeking asylum
-he made a system somewhat like police a police system to handle unruly citizens(he also made laws to handle them"
-he created a caste system for his people.
-he assembled the council of elders"senate"
-He named his successor from the senate.

famous conquestes of romulus in war.

-he beat the sabines when they tried to retrieve their daughters
-in 37 years he waged multiple wars against his neighbors Etruscan cities of veii and fidenae .

Fun facts!!

-since in his city there was a shortage of woman Romulus stole women from neghiboring Citys so he could have a heir and continue his city.
-Romulus served as war chief , high priest, and supreme judge.

By Camryn Hammill & Kaylie Watson