Sully's Short Takes

December 9th 2014

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Good evening,

Today was a solid day of learning once we got everyone safely in the building! We had some of our buses arrive later than usual but we excused all tardies today! For those of you who drove your child to school today you experienced first hand our icy driveway. The DPW did a terrific job sanding and salting it as fast as they could and the conditions improved immensely. A big thank you to the DPW and Mr. Mike who made sure the sidewalks were sanded as well.

The real focus of my communication this evening is to enlist your help and support with following the drop off and pick up procedures. For safety sake please read the procedures as outlined in our Student/Parent Handbook.

If you are dropping off or picking your child up by car for safety sake:

Please follow the traffic pattern for student drop off and pick up by car. Cars need to line up along the driveway. Students should not exit or enter a vehicle unless it is front of the building. Students should exit vehicles on the right hand side next to the building. Please do not drop your student off in the lower parking lot or teacher parking lots or on the hill.

Please be aware that cars should not block traffic on Lincoln Street and should loop around in the lower parking lot as the line of cars grows. Please be courteous and allow the next car in line from the lower lot to re-enter the driveway. Please trust that this system works when everyone follows the rules and is indeed the safest and most efficient system. We have worked carefully with the Franklin Police Department to develop this traffic plan.

Please be the courageous parent to start the looping!

Warm regards,

Beth Wittcoff


Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday, December 10th Term 1 ends (Extended due to water damage caused by "Leak Week!")

Wednesday, December 17th Report Cards are distributed

ASMS Winter Concert @ Mercer Auditorium at HMMS @ 6:30 PM

Friday, December 19th Honor Roll Breakfast (Extended due to water damage caused by "Leak Week!")

Tuesday, December 23rd 1/2 Day - Sunday, January 3rd Winter Break

ASMS Class of 2014 8th grade Lip Dub

Annie Sullivan Middle School - Class of 2014 Lip Dub