February in the library

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The library has 3 new displays

This week the Listener features an article about 'The Superstar Learner'

In Catherine Wolfe's article 'The superstar learner' John Hattie and Greg Yates argue that we should forget the idea 'that brains are thinking machines and that children naturally love to think. The brain is primarily a social machine, they say, built to lock onto other people and learn by watching, imitating and interacting'

There is great information available on how to use internet sources respectfully

Visit Vicky Sedgwick's LiveBinder on Digital Citizenship:


There is a new online tool: GeoGuessr

This is a fabulous opportunity to introduce visual literacy, critical thinking and search skills. How do you solve the where am I problem? How do you read geography? How do you search a tree?

Players are forced to read carefully and focus on visual details they might ordinarily overlook.

They might navigate the environment in search of signs, license plates, flora and fauna, landscape, landmarks, architectural styles, types of businesses, logos, dress, language, what side of the road folks drive on. I like the idea of brainstorming other clues to look for as a class.........


You can find lots of search engines on this page...


A fabulous website for kids to explore. It's all about search engines, finding the right information and exploring the possibilities of online information

The Head Girl, Art Prefect and Head of the Library Council have their favorite titles....

The 100 best children's books of the last 100 years are listed at:

Pudding Lane Productions, Crytek Off The Map

Six students from De Montfort University are taking part in the Crytek Off the Map project, building a 3D representation of 17th century London before The Great Fire.

the library is a fantastic place to share, read, research and have fun.....