Obama and Iran Nuclear Deal

Is Our Country Safe?

Is It Really Worth It

After long periods of diplomacy, the U.S, the U.K., France, China, Russia, Germany, and the European Union got a long term deal with Iran that will stop him from getting a nuclear weapon and make sure that his nuclear business is peaceful. Now everyone can be sure that our country is safe? I don't think so because there are some children that will be there after the time of the,"long term deal" That we have established what about them.

What's Best For Us

I don't think this is safe obviously Iran is going to lie so why should we trust them anyway? Obama might be the president but he is definitely putting our lives in danger! This is only going to start war. The agreement is, we stop them from making uranium and plutonium, which are key to their weapons, and their international sanctions will be lifted. But we know their only going to make them anyway, but the deal also said if they do make them we attack the Iranians. This endangers the whole country.


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