The Invention of the iPhone

Invented by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007


My invention is the iPhone. My invention is like a different sized squares that's a phone there's different colors and versions big and small. Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. This product got invented because Steve Jobs made the iPod and it was a big hit, but then in 2005 phone's came out. After phone's came out Steve thought that the iPod would be forgotten so, he started planning for a phone invention made by apple. Basically, the only version that was before the iPhone was the iPod because it's kinda the iPhone just without calling. 3 cool facts about the iPhone are the apple app is better than the android apps because it has better quality, next is iPhone's camera's are revolutionary because of the good camera and u could put it in HD, one more cool fact about the iPhone is that you could make the photos live and put good filters on the photo's.

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