Charity Scams

Don't fall for them

What are we talking about?

A company scam is when a scam artist acts like it is a "non-profit" charity and asks for an immediate donation when in reality he is just going to pocket the cash and steal the information you have given.

Will you fall for it?

It is very possible that someone can fall for it as it might look believable and most people would assume that no one would stoop to such a moral low.

Why do they do it

While some people may have high moral standards some decide that they want to take advantage of a tragedy that recently occurred. They want to steal your information or at the least steal whatever cash you gave them
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Nearly everyone is a target as everyone wants to help after a tragedy so they take advantage of the large audience and create the phony charity's.

How to avoid it.

One way to help is by looking it up on the better business bureau or the attorney general to see if it is legit. Also, do not send cash or a credit card.

Places to report

All of these websites and locations can help you report the phony charity to use which can help make the world better.