That Moment When...

Darian Childress

“O-o-oh my god, you’re Joey Bada$$.” We were standing in The Cat’s Cradle. It smelled like French fries and coffee. My mom was standing behind my brother and I, we were waiting for pro era to come out. I was thinking “I’m so glad that I wasn’t late like normally, otherwise I wouldn’t have met Joey”

I was in the car, only 45 minutes away from seeing my favorite rapper. I was looking out the window while “Like Water” played in the background. “You really are about to see Joey live in concert” I thought. I looked to the driver’s seat to see my mom smiling non stop, I was glad she was going. I turned to see my brother bobbing his head; we were now 10 minutes away. The concert started at 9pm but we got there at 8:45, as we pulled up, you could see the tour door bus doors open.

“O-o-oh my god, you’re Joey Bada$$””lol yeah, what’s up?” I couldn’t say anything to him I was so star struck. My mom and brother decided to talk to him before we had to go inside. Once they finished talking to him we walked inside waiting for the concert to start, watching the inside fill up with all kinds of people. “Five minutes left Ian”” I know I’m too hype." We laughed and then you can hear “y’all Ready” ”I said y’all ready?”, then out comes Nyck Caution. Ian and I were so close to the stage, it kind of sucked because we were getting squished from the people behind us, but we ignored that just being happy about being at the concert. We yelled and enjoyed his set until it was over. We sang and we just vibe throughout Kirk Knight’s, CJ Fly, Vince Staples and Dyemond Lewis’s Set. “What’s the word, what’s the word, word?” The whole crowd screamed. All of sudden you can hear a voice say “Pro Era Era, Pro Era Era Era.” Everyone in the crowd knew who was coming out next. Joey. All of my excitement was at an all time high at this point.

Joey played several songs off his 1999 album including my favorite “Penny Royal”. I was so excited and I was losing my voice. Joey stops the music and says “I love the supporters I have man, y’all are the reason I’m here, and without y’all I would’ve been another boy from New York rapping. Y’all make my day even when you don’t know what to say.” This made me think of earlier. Thinking on today while he was finishing up I realized, Before this I probably would’ve been late, now I try to come at least 10 to 20 minutes earlier before anything starts because I never know what’s about to happen.
Looking back on this experience it showed me I never know what could happen or what I missed. This will also help me with school, jobs and appointments in the future. The lesson I learned is that coming early has its benefits. Lucky me I found out the good way.