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Before the Trial

Before the trial there is a meeting of the parties called the pretrial conference. The plantiff is the person who brings the case to court agaisnt another court of law. The defendant is a company, institution, or an individual beging sued or accused in court. Someone can be summoned to court, meaining they're ordered to show in court on specific date and time. The plantiff files a complaint; a pleading their case.

During the Trial

Trials are the examination of evidence from civil or criminal cases infront of a judge and or jury. During court there are a lot of mediations; way of settling arguements between two or more parties. The use of an individual official to settle a disagreement; also know as arbitration happens when there is a lot of arguing happening.

End of Trial

A preponderance must happen to settle a case; meaning 50 percent or more of the evidence has to point towards something. After the prosecution has spoken the jury or judge will make a decision; this is called a verdict. If the defendant is not happy with the verdict they can appeal it. Meaning they can apply to a higher court and have the decision be reversed.