By: Kaeli Marks

Earthquakes PBL

For our Earthquakes PBL (Project Based Learning) our table groups assembled into teams to answer this driving question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? So the first thing that my group had to do was to research into what kind of stuctures withstand seismic activity. Then we had to actually build the house for the Shake Table test to see if Tony Stark would survive in the house. Lastly we finished the house just in time for the shake table test, thankfully, our house survived. To record everything that we did, my team created a Wikipage for our house. Something that I learned from this project was how to make my house withstand some seismic activity in little ways.

30 Hands Project

For our 30 Hands Project each individual student had to write a script and narrate slides on the app 30 Hands. I first had to write a script on global warming and its impacts, then I had to create the slides on Picollage. I finally had to narrate the slides. Some things that I learned from the project was that us humans are the main reason for global warming, not natural processes. What I liked best about the project was that we got to handle everything ourselves, the slides, the script, and our research.

Invention Convention

The problem that I am trying to make my team's invention solve is trash being in the sea and suffocating and even killing innocent sea creatures. My team's invention helps solve this problem by picking up the stray trash in oceans efficiently and without using fossil fuels.
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