Physician Assisted Suicide

Should it be legal in all 50 staes?

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Assisted Suicide is a serious and controversial topic. Both sides of the conflict are strong, and many people can't decide what side to be on. One side says that it should. While the other says it shouldn't. First off, you are given a lethal amount of drugs by the doctor, and the rest is history. There are negative and positive effects. But the real question is... should it be legal?
Unbearable Suffering: An Argument Against Assisted Dying - Kevin Yuill



Suicide facilitated by another person, especially a physician, who organizes the logistics of the

suicide, as by providing the necessary quantities of a poison.

A little bit of history:

1997- Americans did not have constitutional right to commit suicide with help of doctor. Having a person help assist suicide has probably been discourse since before Christ. A group of 5 men helped an Atlanta man commit suicide in June of 2009.

Assisted Suicide is also legal in the following 4 states: Oregon, Montana, Washington and Vermont.

Jack "Doctor Death" Kevorkian sparked the movement to legalize assisted suicide in all 50 states and was the "star" during the 1900's because of it.

As you can tell, many people are for it. While MANY people aren't for the whole idea

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First of all, one big down side of the whole thing is, people may get depressed, unhappy, and feel like they have a physcologial pain. Family memebers and friends may not have known that the person died. The person doing so may have not told anyone. And that makes the process even harder. Mourning is a difulcult process already, and the fact the somone could do that makes it 10x harder for a person. Things could end badly with mourning, like self-harm and suicide comitted by the depressed person. Another bad thing is, the bill for assisted suicide does exactly OPPOSITE of what it's intended to do. It eliminates choice for vunerable, and consequences soon follow. You also have to remember that many Americans are christians, and Christians think that suicide is a sin, and that life is sacred and shouldn't be harmed in any way.
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  • Those who suffer from a terminal illness and are in great pain can make a descion to end their life
  • The family can be at ease knowing that this is what the person wanted
  • They won't be commiting suicide by a gun, or a rope. And their families will know what is going on!
  • Physicians will be helping tthe person and try to make the process as non-painful and harmless as possible
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My Final Thoughts

There are many different thoughts going into this whole concept. First off, being a Christian, I don't love the whole idea. You're practically killing a person, by helping them commit suicide. Those are two MAJOR sins. Other than committing sins, it's very hard to think that someone is willingly doing it, and that they are okay with dieing. Personally, it scares me that one day I'm going to die, because your on this planet your entire life, and to end it with the snap of a finger is terrifying. I don't like the idea of it at all, especially with people trying to do it by themselves on purpose. While many people that may want to do it have a terminal illness, they are missing out on all the beautiful things, after their life. They may never get to have children, grandchildren nieces, nephews, or anything like that. It really upsets me that a person can do that to themselves.
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Should Physician Assisted Suicide be legal in all 50 states?

No, I don't think that it should be legal in all 50 states.


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