Becky Merson

Backround information and geographical information

Capital: Mexico city

Major cities: Iztapala, Ecatapec

Location: North America, bordering the Caribbean sea and Gulf of Mexico and North Pacific ocean

Physical features: lots of beaches, deserts and mountains

History of Mexico

In the early 1800's Mexico was controlled by Spain, eventually Mexico got fed up with being controlled by Spain and decided to revolute, led by Miguel Hidalgo the people of Mexico finally gained independence in 1821. Today Mexico is still independent and speaks the same language as they did when controlled by Spain, Spanish.

Tourist attractions

Political information

Mexico has a federal republic government which means it has a republican form of government, this also means they elect a president. Their last election was in 2012 when Enrique Pena Nieto was elected. Mexico is in good terms with a few other countries they have many agreements one is called NAFTA this agreement is between the USA and Canada.

Economic and trade information

Mexico has a capitalistic economic system. Their current currency is called Mexican Peso. Mexico exports many goods like oil and oil products, silver, fruits, veggitables, coffee and cotton. They mainly export goods to the U.S.. Mexico also imports goods like steel mill products, metal working machines, aircraft and car parts and electrical equipment. The import goods from the U.S., China and Japan