Become a Conscious Marketer!

Register for this Thursday's webinar - 4/23 at 5 pm PST

What does it take to become a conscious designer of transformative marketing practices?

You're invited into our Integral MBA classroom! Join in the learning dialog on Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 5 to 6:15 p.m. PST for a FREE interactive webinar. Our guest presenters are Manuel Manga and Fedor Ovchinnikov, co-founders of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership. This is the second in Meridian University's 4-part webinar series produced as part of the Integral MBA in Creative Enterprise and open to students and the public. This series is hosted by Nika Quirk, core faculty for the Integral MBA program.

Register now. Space is limited.

Meridian University's programs are built on a foundation of transformative learning and collective dialog is a key element. We are excited to use Maestroconference as our platform webinar for this event, leveraging its features to foster connection through small group breakout conversations.


Guaranteed insights into "business as unusual".


This cutting-edge offering in business education provides a unique MBA designed to develop the 21st century competencies required for Creative Enterprise in the emerging economy. The Meridian MBA curriculum emphasizes Transformative Innovation, Generative Entrepreneurship and Regenerating the Commons, along with development of an integral mindset and skillset. Meridian views the essentials of business competency as requiring imagination, courage, compassion, clarity, and conscience plus mastery of core business functions. Students learn how to be catalysts for transformative innovation within a wide spectrum of enterprises in service to a flourishing world.

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