By: Lorie Ann Grover


The book Hit takes place in the streets of Washington on a rainy foggy day and in one of its Hospitals. In the year of 2014. Sarah lives with her family(mom,dad,brother) her mom whats her to go to Mills School for Girls but Sarah wants to go to UW a collage where Mr. Haddings goes(that's her FAVORITE teacher) then her mom, she wants Sarah to go to Mills for collage because it is cheaper and so Sarah can go for her writing. But then Sarah and her mom fight about taking the bus and driving to school. her mom says that she should go to school with her brother and not on the bus but she still was heading to her bus and she meets up with her friend and they head to the bus stop and that were it all began........from when she got hit by MR.HADDING's(*gasp* I know right) all .because he looked down off the road
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Quote from the book

There are many beautiful quotes in the book hit some could just make a girls heart melt.Like this one by: Langston Huges Tell me

why should it be my loneliness, why should it be my song, why should it be my dream deferred overlong? the main reason why i picked this quote from my book Hit is because it has a meaning of everything about the book this poem is what sets my charters in place and what had all happened in my book.



Sarah:she is the main character in the book because she is the one that gets hit by the car(Mr. Haddings car)she is 18, and a Senior of her high school.Her brother is 16.Sarah has feeling for one of her teachers Mr. Haddings even thou he tells her no its not aloud with students and teacher to have a thing but really he knows he isn't a real teacher because he is only a grad student that is able to teach. After Sarah turned 18 she was really hoping Mr. Haddings might give her a chance to be together. but then she doesn't wanna be with him after she learned he is the on who hit her and made her the way she looks like. her brother says she looks like a frog then a toad then Shrek. then when she sees what she looks like cause her mom told her brother to be quiet most of the time and she didn't hear him, but her mom always says that she is still beautiful. Then the one day Sarah sees what she really looks like and hates herself for what she looks like but then a nurse that works with her tells her she is getting better looking everyday and more beautiful and Sarah tells her "no she isn't she has saw what she looks like" but then the Nurse (kinda) yells at her and then says no you are beautiful and she explains to Sarah that she is Beautiful on the inside not the outside and that she has a lot of people that love her and stuff. And then Sarah now knows what her mom always meant and things that her mom would say and know Sarah doesn't feel sorry for her self no more.

MR. Haddings

Mr. Haddings is Sarah's Poet teacher/ grad student from the collage UW. Mr. Haddings says he doesn't have feelings for Sarah the way she has feelings for him but by the end of the story Mr. Haddings realizes he has feelings for Sarah. Mr. Hadding gets sick from when he sees what he has done to Sarah. He keeps saying he sorry to Sarah ad her family but it doesn't go to well cause Sarah's brother hits Mr. Haddings a few times before her dad could get him to stop but then her dad hits him and spits on him and says how would you feeling if i hit you with my car and stuff. Mr. Haddings then try's to see if Sarah well still go to UW instead of Mills and maybe well give him a chance with him even thou she knows what he did to her.
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Information about the Author

Lorie Ann Grover was Born in 1968 in Miami Florida. Lorie Ann Grover got her education at the University of Miami. One of her nominations is Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award. Lorie Ann grove loves ballet. Lorie Ann Grover loves Poetry also that's why she uses so much of it in her books.

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