"Once Upon A Time" One Pager

By: Hogan Schmitt


I see this picture when I read the poem because in the poem it said, "Through signs of despair Sadness and gloom New hope and bright future was about to bloom." These lines in the poem made me see sunlight coming out of dark clouds because it said a bright future was about to bloom.

Key Words

Key words in the poem are HOPE, BRIGHT, GLOOM, SEPARATED, and SADNESS... These words make the poem strong and powerful because they show that a long time of sadness can lead to great years of happiness. These words contribute to the meaning of the poem because they make a mental picture in your mind.

Lines/Phrases in the Poem

I believe the most important lines/phrases in the poem are "All separated by train tracks Without any real cause."The tone created by theses two lines are horrible and sad because the "colored" people felt like they didn't belong in the world because they weren't treated the same. Also, the tone is devastating.

Poetic Device

I believe "There was tension in the air" is an example of personification because air can't be tense but people can. This effects the tone of the poem because it shows there was rough times during the Civil Rights Movement.

Theme Statement

Everything here relates because they all are saying is there are rough times but the times will soon get better. What LuLu Westbrook Griffin is trying to say to the readers is that "New hope and bright future is about to bloom." When I hear this statement I believe she is trying to say times will get better.
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